AI-powered growth
for retail

Unlock the value of your customer data with AI-powered insights, predictions and personalized recommendations in all channels

Struggling to understand and turn customer data into value?

At Infobaleen we are on a quest to help retailers become truly data driven. Our next-gen AI platform allows retail and e-commerce companies to predict and optimize their business.

Based on world-leading AI research and data fusion technologies, our predictive analytics dashboards and omni-channel recommendations turbocharges retailers´ current marketing technology infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.

Today, we are trusted by over 40+ clients and consultancies.

Unparalleled insights
to action

It has never been quicker and easier to deeply understand customer behavior and turn it into action, whether you are a CRM manager, E-com manager, Performance marketeer or a CFO. We have integrations with many of the Nordics leading ecom, data and marketing automation platforms and we can have you up and running with all your customer data within hours.

Use our out-of-the box analytics dashboards to assess your customer base; which customers are profitable, which customer segments you should focus on, what is the probability for next purchase. You can immediately take action and use the platform to set up AI-based recommendations and segmentations.

The Infobaleen advantages

  1. Uniquely efficient way of ingesting & managing large datasets to quickly turn into drillable dashboards and ML models for real time analytics and recommendations
  2. No AI black boxes. Our AI/ML models are based on world leading ML research and very easy to apply business rules to adapt to your needs
  3. Fits into your existing martech/ecom stack to turbocharge your investment
  4. Reduces your need for big data scientist teams and reliance on point solutions for channel recommendations
  5. Proven retail use cases for quick time to value

A team of pioneers

Since the start of Infobaleen, we have been on a mission to enable retailers to become data driven and customer centric. With our roots in machine learning and AI we have added true innovation in data fusion and engineering to bring a tool that is able to handle very large data sets.

Our team consists of AI researchers and data engineers combined with CRM and ecommerce experts. We work closely with our customers and partners to continuously develop the platform to help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing retailers today.

We are all about bringing clarity to what you need to focus on for profitable growth.