Jobs at Infobaleen

Infobaleen's success relies on a team of creative, passionate, and dedicated people from diverse backgrounds. We offer great opportunities at the research frontier of machine learning.

At Infobaleen, we believe many retail and e-commerce companies struggle to grow because they cannot connect their finance, procurement, inventory, marketing, and sales in a data-informed way. Using one application for each activity requires repeatedly moving and converting data and runs their businesses in all directions. This application-centric approach costs time, impedes understanding, and generates frustration.

We understand their frustration and stand by their side against ineffective solutions and data analysis projects without ends. With our collected 25+ years in machine learning research, we have helped organizations around the world solve their data analysis challenges.

When teams work with Infobaleen's data-centric platform, finance, procurement, inventory, marketing, and sales unite. By connecting all activities through shared AI-powered analytics, the customer teams can align automated activities with business objectives. When we help people turn their data into growth, we transform their stressful workdays into exciting journeys toward their goals.

  • Data and backend engineer

    by Christian Persson

    As a data engineer in Infobaleen, you will design and develop data systems and machine learning pipelines. The data-centric platform consists of a data ingestion database, a machine-learning engine, and a dashboard engine. You will be responsible for helping our customer success team master all components and make crucial decisions when deciding which requested features we should prioritize. In addition, you will provide technical leadership and a deep understanding of data modeling. We work remotely from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umeå, Piteå, and Berlin.

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  • UX and frontend developer

    by Jakob Sjölander

    We are looking for a full-time UX and frontend developer to prototype, develop, productionalize, and maintain responsive web design — a coder with an eye for design. You will collaborate with our development and data science teams on our data intelligence platform or in client projects and deliver complete frontend applications. Remote work is possible.

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  • Master's thesis projects in UX and design

    by Martin Rosvall

    Most likely, you have strong UX design skills including wireframing, prototyping, and experience with modern web languages such as Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3.

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  • Master's thesis projects in machine learning

    by Martin Rosvall

    Most likely, you are a skilled coder in a computer science or engineering physics program with interest in statistichal modeling, data mining, and machine learning.

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