Data and backend engineer

Published June 21, 2021 by Christian Persson

Come work as a Data and backend engineer at our growing company to advance and learn together with research frontier data scientists.

About the job

As a data engineer in Infobaleen, you will design and develop data systems and machine learning pipelines. The data-centric platform consists of a data ingestion database, a machine-learning engine, and a dashboard engine. You will be responsible for helping our customer success team master all components and make crucial decisions when deciding which requested features we should prioritize. In addition, you will provide technical leadership and a deep understanding of data modeling. We work remotely from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umeå, Piteå, and Berlin.

Our tech

We are a tech-agnostic company and have built our service using a wide range of technologies. The core application is built in Go. Supporting tools depend on Rust, Python, Tensorflow, and ClickHouse. We orchestrate and deploy everything with Docker and Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.


  • Be accountable for all aspects of your work, from research and analysis to testing, deployment, and operating the application in production.
  • Design, develop, and support Infobaleen's data-centric platform for modeling and reporting systems to solve business problems
  • Help our customer success team master the platform to meet business objectives.
  • Work closely with analysts to productionize various machine learning models using data processing pipelines.

Preferred qualifications

  • Background in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical field.
  • Not less than 3-5 years of documented experience with at least one general-purpose programming language, preferable Go.
  • Experience writing and maintaining ETLs that operate on a variety of structured and unstructured sources.
  • Experience with databases. We build and consume SQL solutions for both OLAP and OLTP systems.
  • Comprehensive understanding of data structures and algorithms.

Application and contact

Send your application by email to Christian Persson with the subject line "Data engineer". We will contact you within one week for an online interview. If we have filled the position with another applicant, we will notify you by email. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email your questions to Christian Persson.